Sunny March Run: Finally!

Today was a gorgeous day for an outside run. 60 degrees in Cambridge — what more could I ask for?!

It was one of those runs where things just clicked – no stomach or nutrition issues, and I really was able to get into the zone. Running along the Charles River is super relaxing and scenic (see the pictures below), and kept me motivated along the way. USAT Collegiate Nationals (in Arizona!) is in less than a month — so I’m trying to get in as many quality runs as I can before the big day!

Fun 10k run, sunny day, and signs of spring everywhere (ahem, melting river) made for a great day. I was even able to do a second workout later in the day with Ambassador Brittany, who stopped by Harvard!

Here’s to spring coming sooner & more quality training days like these!

photo 3-32

Perfect day for a run in Boston!


photo 3-33

Trails along the river

photo 2-64

Melt river, melt!

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Boston skyline selfie… haha

photo 1-65

Sunny day run 🙂

photo 4-19

Ambassador Brittany stopped by for a PM workout!

How’s your training going? Is your big “beginning of the season” event coming up soon (like nationals, Boston Marathon, etc.)? 

Tri Hard,



…And The Spring Triathlon Season Begins!

This morning, the Harvard Triathlon Team had our first practice of the spring season! It was almost 50 degrees (IN FEBRUARY IN BOSTON) so it was a perfect day for an outside run.

We split into a few pace groups, and each group did about 5-6 miles. It was a ton of fun! We had a team brunch afterwards in one of the dining halls.

We’ll be featuring some pictures from spring practices and events of other collegiate triathlon teams over the next few weeks, so stay tuned! Send us yours if you are a part of a collegiate club! Tweet at us @theYoungTri or email

photo 1-61

Some of today’s group!

photo 2-59

Beautiful scenery on the run 🙂 Love the Charles!

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Crystal and I ran together most of the time!

Nothing better than spring triathlon training. 🙂

Tri Hard,


Boston University Try-A-Tri: Super Sprint Indoor Race!

This morning, Kaitlin and I headed over to Boston University’s athletic complex for the BU Try-A-Tri! The event was an indoor “super sprint” triathlon designed to get more people involved in the sport. Athletes started out by doing a 200 yard swim, followed by a 15 min bike on an indoor spinner and a 1 mile run on the indoor track.

We had a great time watching YoungTri Ambassador Jessica from Tufts compete (and kick butt… she did amazing!) as well as Harvard Tri Teammates, members of the Northeastern Tri Team, MIT Tri Team, BU Tri Team, and more.

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The Try-A-Tri T-shirt!

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Kaitlin and I had fun spectating!

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BU’s pool

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Indoor Spinners!

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Indoor Track

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My friend Liz on the BU triathlon team! 🙂

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YoungTri Ambassador Jessica from Tufts!

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Northeastern Tri Team with their YT stickers 🙂

photo 1-55

Yaaaaayyyyy Jess!

To find out more about the BU triathlon team, click here.

Have you ever competed in a super sprint or an indoor tri? 

Tri Hard,


Tri Tunes: My Fall Favorites

One of the best parts of a workout is the soundtrack, right?! (That is, unless you’re biking outside. Then not such a great idea). I’ve come up with a solid longer workout playlist this fall, as well as purchased a few albums that are workout-worthy (that I’ll share later this week!).

See below for a list of the songs in my favorite fall workout playlist, and let me know yours! The songs are a mix of everything – from rap to country to pop and more. 🙂

They’re my favorite tunes to blast this fall in the boathouse, on my bike in my room, on runs, and more!



  • Enjoy the Ride – Krewella
  • Youth (Adventure Club Remix) – Foxes
  • Rock N Roll – Avril Lavigne
  • Stay the Night (feat. Hayley WIlliams of Paramore) – Zedd
  • Bruises (feat. Ashley Monroe) – Train
  • Royals – Lorde
  • We Were Us – (Duet with Miranda Lambert) – Keith Urban & Miranda Lambert
  • Hold On, We’re Going Home – Drake
  • Hey Brother – Avicii
  • Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus
  • Eyes (feat. Mindy Gledhill) – Kaskade
  • We Can’t Stop – Miley Cyrus
  • Furthest Thing – Drake
  • 23 – Mike Will-Made it feat. Miley Cyrus
  • Dancing in My Head (Tom Hangs Remix) – Eric Turner vs. Avicii
  • Marry Me – Jason Derulo
  • Take Me Home (feat. Bebe Rexha) – Cash Cash
  • Blood on the Leaves – Kanye West
  • Maybe You’re Right – Miley Cyrus
  • SMS (Bangerz) (Feat. Britney Spears) – Miley Cyrus
  • Timber (feat. Ke$ha) – Pitbull
  • Team – Lorde
  • Survival – Eminem
  • HeadBand (feat 2. Chainz) – B.o.B
  • Heart Attack – Enrique Iglesias
  • Rap God – Eminem
  • Who’s Gonna Save Us – Gavin DeGraw
  • Ride – Timeflies
  • SMFWU – Timeflies
  • Do What U Want – Lady GaGa

What are some of your favorite fall workout tunes?

Tri Hard,


Reflections – “Where to Go From Here?”

Lately, I’ve been very reflective. Pausing a lot to think — think about where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’d like to be (both in racing and in life). This summer was a big step for me — I completed my first Ironman at age 18, which had always been a goal of mine. It was an incredible feeling to cross the finish line with my dad; a rush of emotions and adrenaline that can only be experienced race-day.

This fall has been a transition period for me; moving from summer triathlon training to intense schoolwork, rowing, and otherwise here at Harvard. It took some adjusting to last year, but this year I absolutely love Cambridge. I have amazing roommates, other closer friends who make my experience here enjoyable and fulfilling. But besides all the exciting parts of being back at college — football games, social events, regattas, triathlons, meals out with friends, trips to Boston, and more — other things can become a bit overwhelming.

When I get overwhelmed, I tend to deal with it in a number of ways. One of them is reflection. I’ve found that this approach — both internal and external — can help manage the “Where do I go from here?” feeling that can eat away at not just me, but myriad other college students, athletes, adults, and more at various times in life.

Sometimes, especially at Harvard, I feel like everyone has everything figured out. Like people are rushing from moment to moment, place to place, class to class, without even thinking. Like people already have their entire lives planned out in their minds — graduate. Work in finance or consulting. And so on and so forth. Which makes me feel a little bit out of place, especially because I’m still debating what I want to concentrate in (Harvard’s word for majors, we have to decide by mid-November)! And I don’t have set concrete plan for the rest of my life.

This applies not only to my situation at college, but also with training. Sometimes, after finishing a big race or attempting a new milestone, we can come to a point where we need to decide where we want to go. Pick a direction. Pick a spot; a niche.


Sometimes it’s okay to not know. To sit back, reflect, appreciate, and think.

I think that sometimes, that’s the problem with our way of thinking. We don’t take enough time to reflect. To get lost. To understand that sometimes, it’s okay to not know where exactly you’re going from your current location.

This was best brought to my attention by Kaitlin — after she wrote a piece for YoungTri that included how she liked to get “lost” on runs (as in, run wherever the road takes her), but that she made sure to take her phone with her when she did so. So that she made sure to couple adventure with security.

And it kind of hit me that that would be a wonderful way to approach training all the time — and even life in general.

And as such, as of right now, I’ve been taking some time to let myself reflect. To know that wherever the road takes me will be the beautiful, right road where I’ve always meant to end up. Training, school, work, and social life are all a part of our puzzles — and they all have a way of working themselves out as long as we’ve pointed ourself in the general right direction.

It’s okay to not know exactly “Where to Go from Here?”. It’s okay to reflect. That’s what life is for. For figuring things out.

What have you been reflecting upon recently? Do you ever feel as if you’re at a stepping stone in life (but you don’t know where it’s taking you)?

Tri Hard,


Head of the Charles.

Funny how a quiet(ish) running trail can turn into a crowd of thousands in a matter of days. The Head of the Charles is always a fun event to watch (unfortunately injured and can’t row) — especially because it’s so close to (my second) home.

It’s truly a spectacular showcase of talent — with some of the best rowers from around the world. Seeing tons of rowers walking around Harvard Square during the weekend (the streets have been PACKED) is also a highlight of the weekend. 🙂 I met up with some friends who row at other schools as well!

Great weather, free food, fun with friends, and exciting races. What more could you ask for for a spectacular weekend?

photo 1-12

The Charles River

photo 2-8

Riverside with Kerry!

What are your favorite sporting events to watch besides triathlons?

Tri Hard,

Athlete Banquets: A Fun Way to Celebrate Sports

Last night, my fellow Harvard rowers and I attended the Friends of Harvard-Radcliffe Rowing Banquet at the Harvard Club. It was a beautiful event at a gorgeous venue – and a great way to celebrate last season and look forward to the upcoming fall races. It reminded me a bit of the Ironman dinners I’ve been to!

Banquets & dinners (complete with great company, great food, and fun slideshows) are a great way to celebrate sports and get motivated to continue competing.

What are your favorite sports dinners/banquets that you’ve attended?


The Harvard Club of Boston is gorgeous!

photo 1-10

At dinner with Ali (we’re normally next to each other in the boat!)

photo 2-7

Having a great time with teammates Rose and Sophia!

photo 3-6

Sophia and I after the banquet

Tri Hard,


Sometimes you just need to watch the sunrise.


Morning walk to lift along the Charles River!

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”


Sometimes it’s refreshing to watch the sunrise, refresh, and reset. There’s a new beginning. Each day. To rid of all of the stresses and worries from the previous day. May as well take advantage of the small, beautiful things in life like the sunrise. 🙂

What are your favorite ways to reset and relax in the mornings before the craziness of the day sets in?

Tri Hard,


Tri/Run/Walk for a Cause: Racing for a Reason {share your causes with us!}

Today, I did a Walk to End Alzheimer’s event with my roommate Justyna and some other girls from Harvard. It was a really nice event – and the walk was gorgeous! Right along the Boston Harbor.

Walks/Runs/Tris for causes are super fun and a great way to workout and do some good 🙂

What are your favorite events for a cause? Email and we could feature yours on the site!

My roommate Justyna and I at the Walk to End Alzheimer's!

My roommate Justyna and I at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s!

photo 1-8

Cambridgeside Galleria – site of the walk

photo 2-5

Boston Harbor! Such a beautiful walk

Have you done a race or event for a cause recently?

Tri Hard,


The little things.

Forgot about how awesome the view was on the walk back to my room from practice. Puts things in perspective — that the little things can sometimes be the best things in life!

photo (46)

View of the Charles River walking home from crew

What are the little things in your life that make you happy, more motivated, or a better athlete?

Tri Hard,