NICA: High School Mountain Bike Racing League!

The following is a post from YoungTri Member Julia Mace, a high school student from Northern California. She is a member of the National Interscholastic Cycling League (NICA) and will be sharing some of her stories with YoungTri over the next few weeks!

The National Interscholastic Cycling League (NICA) is a high-school mountain bike racing program in the US with 13 different leagues and a goal to be coast-to-coast by 2020! Although it is not triathlon or even road riding, when I learned about my school’s team I figured that it would be fun to be with a bunch of teenagers who appreciate the hard training and racing.


I have actually become a stronger cyclist from both a strength and technical skills perspective from this league which translates well to triathlons! I have also met two other triathletes on the team and have convinced a couple boys to join me in an XTERRA this summer.


NICA leagues vary by size, but new leagues have around 100 riders per race and NorCal (the league in which I compete) had over 600 riders at the opening race last weekend. Many schools are developing teams, but riders can also compete as “independents” or as part of a multi-school “composite” team.


Although this is my first year racing on one of the strongest teams in the country, I am having a great time. So far, there has been tons of camaraderie, parental and community support, as well and great races! I’ve also made quite a few new close friends. I’ll be sharing some more of my NICA stories with YoungTri over the next few weeks!


-Julia Mace




GoShiggyGo Photography LAX Sign Project with YoungTri!

While Kaitlin and I were in Los Angeles for the Triathlon Business International Conference, we connected with Shiggy of GoShiggyGo Photography for a really fun photo shoot! Shiggy (a triathlete himself AND Ironman Finisher!) wanted YoungTri to be a part of his unique “LAX Sign Project” — photographing individuals on the LAX sign.

Throwin’ up the YT!

Shiggy finished Ironman Lake Tahoe in 16 hours 58 minutes 33 seconds! Crazy — and SO awesome! He claims that he was too busy taking photos and videos along the way to keep track of time. 🙂 With a 17 hour time limit for an official Ironman finish, Shiggy finished with a minute and two seconds to spare! GO SHIGGY GO! 🙂

Shiggy after his awesome 16:58 Ironman Finish!

Shiggy after his awesome 16:58 Ironman Finish! (Clock different from wave)

Kaitlin and I had a TON of fun during the shoot. Shiggy made the experience super fun and relaxed — and it was a gorgeous day for outside photography. (About 70 degrees – a HUGE difference from the Boston weather right now!) Photography is Shiggy’s true passion, and it definitely showed during the shoot. He was energetic, fun, and so creative!

The three of us even enjoyed In-N-Out Burger afterwards… which was SOOOOO good and such a nice treat (it was Kaitlin’s first time trying it)! West Coasters are so lucky to have In-N-Out… wish it was in Boston!

Classic East Coasters In-N-Out Tourist Pic :)

Classic East Coasters In-N-Out Tourist Pic 🙂

If any YoungTri members are ever in Los Angeles, drop Shiggy a message and have your very own photo taken with the LAX sign!

We had a great time at the shoot with Shiggy!


Harvard Tri!

Kaitlin and I are missing California already!

To find out more about Shiggy, check out the Go Shiggy Go Photography Facebook Page.

Tri Hard,


Top Ten Tri Stats from Triathlon Business International Conference

Kaitlin and I learned so much about the sport at the TBI Conference!

Kaitlin and I learned so much about the sport at the TBI Conference!

Learn more about Triathlon Business International here.

1. There were 193 Youth Triathlons in 2004, and this number rose to 1,046 by 2012.

2. In 2005, less than 1% of USAT Members were youth (7-17 demographic). By 2012, this number rose to 35%.

(I used the above two figures in my speech — which I will be posting on YT this week — the next 8 were featured in a presentation at TBI by Gary Roethenbaugh of Multisport Research).

3. Overall participation in triathlon is up 111% since 2007.

4. Triathlon (Traditional) is the third fastest-growing sport in the United States, after Non-Traditional/Off Road Triathlons and adventure racing

5. The average age of a triathlete is 38.

6. 77% of Triathletes train for 5 or more hours a week.

7. There is a 193% rise in the number of triathletes who race 10+ times per year since 2007

8. Triathletes post triathlon-related information on social media less about triathlon participation, more about the triathlon experience/impact (brands, events, etc.)

9. When asked “What does it mean to be a triathlete?”, the most common response from triathletes worldwide incorporated the words challenge, confidence, and variety.

10. Average triathlete spends $4,000+ on triathlon-related costs – gear, travel, race registration, etc.

Fascinating, huh? Triathlon’s growth is so exciting 🙂

Tri Hard,


Running Together is Always Better: CKaitlin Venice Beach 8 Miler

One of the highlights of my trip with Kaitlin to California for the TBI Conference was definitely running 8 miles together along Venice Beach. It was the longest run I had done since Ironman in late July!!! (I had been injured most of the fall season with a foot injury).

The weather was perfect for a long run — no humidity & sunny with a slight breeze.

photo 2-48

Not a bad place to run 🙂

photo 1-52

We ran on a windy path along the sand!

We ran on a path next to the beach (Venice Beach), which made the run so much more enjoyable. We talked a bit, but had points where we both got into our zones and picked up the pace.

At one point, we put on our “power songs” and picked up the pace even more. I chose Timber by Kesha & Pitbull & Kaitln chose XO by Beyoncé. Later in the run, Yeah by Usher came on and I had so much energy that I started singing. During the run. That got some interesting looks from people at the beach (my signing is less than stellar)… haha 🙂

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Great 8 miler 🙂

photo 4-16

One of the cool houses we saw on the run!

We saw some pretty unique scenery while running — Venice Beach has some crazy architecture. Some, like the house above, were SO fascinating we had to stop and stare for a second! Other apartments were all black — some made of all glass. All rested only feet from the sand and sun of Venice Beach.

photo 5-8

Obligatory run selfie 🙂

photo 1-51

Loved. This. Weather.

After the run, we felt refreshed and ready to go for day 1 of the conference!

Do you like running with friends and exploring new locations?

Tri Hard,



Triathlon Business International: ActiveX Fun Fitness Challenge!

The Triathlon Business International Conference has been GREAT so far! This morning, at the crack of dawn, I headed up to the roof of the hotel for one of the four workout options (there were also swims, bikes, and runs) — the ActiveX Fitness Challenge.

Attendees were split into two groups, and we did an INTENSE and fun 30 minute circuit workout! It included planks, burpees, situps, squats, work with bands, jumping over a pole, and throwing 25 lb sand medicine balls down and squatting. I was sweating a ton by the end — haha.

photo 1-48

The group of TBI Attendees at the Active X Fun Fitness Challenge!

My friend Beth (I worked for her when I was a freshman in HS!!!) with HUUB did the workout too!

My friend Beth (I worked for her when I was a freshman in HS!!!) with HUUB did the workout too!

The views from the rooftop of the hotel were Spectacular — the sunrise was gorgeous and Los Angeles was visible nearby.

photo 2-45

AMAZING Sunrise after the workout!

after the workout!

after the workout!

Do you enjoy circuit workouts?!

Tri Hard,





Stay Tuned… YoungTri at TBI!

Kaitlin and I have only been in California for a day, but it’s been great so far! We’re really excited for the conference to start today 🙂

Stay tuned for updates, and tweet at us (@theYoungTri) with #TBIConf if you have any questions about the conference! For more information about the event, click here.

photo 1-47

Ran into Mike Reilly RIGHT when I got to the hotel 🙂

photo 2-40

California is Gluten Free Heaven – Tofu & Vegetables with Lavender Lemonade 🙂

photo 4-15

Loving the California weather! So much warmer than Boston 🙂

Stay tuned for more TBI Updates! I speak on Monday!

Tri Hard,



YoungTri at Triathlon Business International Conference in One Week!

One week from today, Kaitlin and I will be in Marina Del Rey, California for the Triathlon Business International Conference! I will be speaking at the conference – which I’m super excited about!

The theme of this year’s conference:

Enduring Change, Embracing Opportunity

Triathlon Business International’s mission statement:

Our mission is to leverage the knowledge, talent, and resources of industry leaders in triathlon to the benefit of the sport. The mission will be achieved by increasing and retaining advocates of triathlon and by fostering a positive image of the sport.

TBI ACTIVE 2014 Conference Logo

Kaitlin and I are looking forward to updating you on all the exciting things we’re going to learn at the conference — by attending panels, breakout sessions, and learning from other attendees!


Beautiful Marina Del Rey, CA!

If you’re interested in attending the TBI Conference, or just want to find out a little bit more about the event, click here.

Tri Hard,


Triathlon Business International Conference: I Will Be Speaking!

photo-210I was chosen to speak at the Triathlon Business International Conference in Marina del Rey, California on January 27th! Kaitlin and I will join triathlon industry leaders (Including Mike Reilly “Voice of Ironman” pictured) from all over the world at the annual conference. I will be speaking about YoungTri, the role of young athletes in the sport, my experience in triathlon, social media’s role in the sport, and more!

Kaitlin and I will be out there for a few days, and we hope to see some members from SoCal while out there! We’re both really excited about attending the conference.

You can find out more about TBI and the conference here.

One of the ***3*** exciting announcements for YoungTri over the next few weeks in preparation for our 3rd birthday! 

Tri Hard,


Favorite Finisher Photo: Anthony from UCLA

This is YoungTri Member Anthony crossing the finish line Breath of Life Ventura Triathlon, June 2013.

photo (51)

It’s special to him for three reasons:
1) It was his first Olympic Distance and longest race at that time
2) He’s proudly representing UCLA!
3)He’s smiling, expressing the pure joy of the moment, as well as the realization that he could go even further. Thus begins the obsessive pursuit & preparation for an Ironman distance race. 🙂

Anthony says “Thanks for the constant inspiration! Happy Holidays!” to all those at YT!

Do you have a favorite finisher photo? Email us at!

Tri Hard,