NYC Adventures: Squeeze in a Quick Workout and Take a Day Trip!

New York City.

It’s only about a half hour from my house, and I definitely should go in more — I don’t make the trip as often as I should.

However, this weekend I spent the day in the city with three friends (two of which I technically met through YoungTri). Kaitlin was visiting from Florida and loves the city — and my friend Connor is a part of Enstitue and lives in NYC — check it out here.

We walked through Riverside Park, Central Park, got brunch at Sarabeth’swent to the Guggenheim museum (which was awesome — the brushwork in Van Gogh’s “Montagnes à Saint-Rémy” was stunning), ate Tapas for dinner, and headed home later that evening.

More than anything, it was quite fun to spend the day with three friends and explore the city. I woke up early that morning, squeezed in a quick run, and had an enjoyable rest of the day off from training.

Looking for something fun to do this upcoming weekend? Schedule it around training! If you live in a suburb of a major city, try a bike or run in the city rather than in your hometown! (Maybe even go as far as to plan a training weekend with friends or family in a nearby destination!) If you’re looking for something a little bit more low-key but don’t want to sacrifice an entire training day or weekend, plan out your short trips in advance. What time will you have to get up to squeeze in a bike? A run? An open water swim? You get the idea.

Plan it, make it happen, and have fun.

There’s a whole world out there to explore!

photo 1

heading into NYC!

photo 1-2

beautiful flowers!

photo 3

Sarabeth’s for brunch!

photo 3-1

Riverside park

photo 2

Riverside park


Guggenheim museum

photo 4

Brooklyn bridge


YoungTri friends! Haha

Thanks to Kaitlin for a lot of the pics 🙂

Tri Hard,



This weekend I’m reunited with my friend Kaitlin (who I met through YoungTri!) We both go to school in Boston, and she came to New Jersey to visit me this weekend.

My friend Sara was also back for the first time in almost a year this weekend from Ohio State (she is a swimmer there)! We did our first triathlon together back in 2005. Seems like forever ago!




It’s so much fun re-connecting and hanging out with friends you haven’t seen in a few months! (Even though we text constantly and give each other training updates, haha)

Kaitlin and I are planning a fun weekend of relaxing and training!

Have you reconnected with any of your triathlon friends recently?

Tri Hard,

Transition Talk: Best Friends

I found out mid-day yesterday that it was “National Best Friends Day”. While at the beach, it got me thinking — thinking of how much my best friends have had an influence on my life.

Think for a second. Who are your best friends? Not your acquaintances or your “close” friends, but the ones you can’t do without? The ones who would answer a phone call at three in the morning on a Tuesday if you really needed them. The ones who support you no matter what (in your training, with your problems — with anything).

Sometimes friendships can become such a part of our daily life — with constantly texting, snap chatting, etc. — that we can forget to be truly thankful for the wonderful people in our lives and how much they affect us in the grander scheme of things.

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

Whether for a season, a reason, or a lifetime (as the saying goes) friends are a huge part of life. ANd best friends are even more than that — someone with whom you can share silence and not feel awkward, share your innermost thoughts, and be yourself. I’ve met my best friends through all different means — from school to shared love of preppy things to elementary school friends that lasted to family to meeting in Lake Placid (and having the same name and similar values 🙂 ). But it really doesn’t matter if the friendship is formed from a common interest (like triathlon) or from family (like a cousin) or otherwise, there’s really nothing like a best friend.

How has friendship affected your life? Who are your best friends? Do you race with any of them? (two of my best friends share my love for triathlons! 🙂 )


Two of my best friends together – Kaitlin from FL who I met through YoungTri and my cousin Erin!


My four best friends from high school!

Tri Hard,