As amazing as the training part of the triathlon world is — the swims, bikes, runs, and races — there’s something to be said for incorporating the sport into other parts of your life.

This not only refers to clothing, friendships, writing, or personal photos — but also to art. I’ve recently discovered that there are so many cool ways that triathlon is incorporated into art. Some of the prints and other forms of art I’ve stumbled across I REALLY want to incorporate into my dorm room/room at home!

Some of my favorite tri prints & other forms of art:


Evolution of the Ironman


Triathlon Wall Art – Medal Rack


Swim, Bike, Run in reclaimed wood 

(also available in green) (and navy)


Funny print


Triathlon & Co instead of Tiffany & Co! Haha

Do you have any cool triathlon art in your house/room?

Tri Hard,