The Science of Happiness. {Do We Have it Backwards?}

Recently, I’ve come across quite a bit of content about the science of Happiness. My professor for SLS 20 (Science of Living Systems 20, an intro Psych class) Dan Gilbert has written quite a bit of material on this topic. On my official visit to Harvard senior year, I stumbled (ha… when you see the title of his bookupon his book that peaked my interest on the topic of happiness and how it affects our overall well-being and success levels.

Happiness affects so many aspects of our life — our self image, the way we view the world, others, and daily occurrences in our lives — but it seems to fall by the wayside in many people’s lives.

Why is this?

Many of the videos I’ve watched recently state that we have it backwards — that it’s not that we need to be successful to be happy — it’s that we need to be happy to be successful.

Check out some of the videos below and let us know what you think.

The Science of Happiness – is it true that the more successful you are the happier you are?

Professor Gilbert’s TED Talk on the surprising science of happiness

The Science of Happiness – An experiment in gratitude

Do you think that you need to be happy to truly be successful — in sports or otherwise? Or do you think that it’s the other way around?

Tri Hard,