First Spring Harvard Tri Practice Tomorrow!


Getting excited for the spring triathlon season – the Harvard tri team’s first practice is tomorrow at 10:30 AM!



photo 1-60

Team selfie 🙂

photo 2-58

If you’re on a collegiate team, we want to see pictures from your spring practices! Tweet us @theYoungTri or email!

To learn more about the Harvard Tri Team: Facebook | Twitter | Website

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“Work is Love Made Visible”: Train With Your Heart

photo-233I stumbled across this quote on the wall of the iLab last week while working on some YoungTri projects. While short, it carries a great deal of meaning — work is love. Putting time, effort, and passion into your work (for the purpose of triathlon, training) — rather than stress, dread, and negativity — increases productivity, results, and happiness.

The full version of the quote is below:

“Work is love made visible. And if you can’t work with love, but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of the people who work with joy”

― Kahlil Gibran

This especially applies to training. When we train with our hearts — with everything we have; down to the core with passion, focus, and excitement, we often see much better results than if we are constantly dreading workouts or focusing on the negative aspects of each workout.

The most successful athletes — especially triathletes — pour their heart into their work (training).

If you’re stuck in a workout rut, find yourself beating yourself up over training results — or even if things are going well lately workout wise — give today’s workout some extra heart. Whether it’s finding inspiration from a touching story, challenging yourself to run that extra mile or pedal up that hill just a little bit faster or otherwise, small changes can lead to increased satisfaction, happiness, and drive in your training.

Go for it.

Train with your heart.

Give it everything you’ve got. 

It makes a HUGE difference.

How do YOU train with heart?

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Harvard Tri: Looking Ahead (We Want to Hear from Your Collegiate Tri Team!)


Some of the Squad!

As 2013 is coming to a close, I’m starting to look ahead to 2014 — and I’m getting excited for another awesome season with Harvard Triathlon! I’m a Co-Captain and the Publicity and Social Director this season, and I can’t wait for what’s ahead. The team will be attending nationals this year in Tempe, Arizona on the Arizona State University Campus.

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5 Captains at Buzzard’s Bay Triathlon! 

We had a super fun fall season, and along with the five other captains (two new for the spring season), I look forward to our team growing and enjoying another year together! As a relatively new team (we started last year) and a member of the NECTC, it’s always exciting to see how much things progress.

I’ll also be aiding in planning fun social events for the team — which will make team bonding enjoyable 🙂

With the spring season coming up soon, my teammates and I have begun planning for pre-race training!

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Pre-Race Dancin’

We’re going to start featuring more college triathlon teams on the site — as well as interviewing collegiate triathletes on their experiences racing, training, and socializing as members of a college tri team.

If you’d like your team to be featured, please email!

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Time Away from Tris: Harvard-Yale 2013

One of the best parts of being an athlete is taking interest in sports other than your own — so I always enjoy watching football 🙂

Yesterday marked the 130th anniversary of “The Game” — the annual football matchup between historic rivals Harvard and Yale. This year, the game was away at Yale… so I traveled there along with my crew team and two of my friends Caroline and Olivia (Caroline goes to Lesley, and Olivia to Babson)!

It was nice to have a change of scenery for the day, and Harvard ended up winning 34-7 — earning them a share of the Ivy League Title.


With my friends Caroline and Olivia!

Radcliffe Crew Girls at H-Y!

Radcliffe Crew Girls at H-Y!


Right before we stormed the field after the win!


Enjoying the day at Yale!


Packed Yale Bowl

What are some of your favorite non-tri sporting events to watch?

Tri Hard,



{Tri Treats} Healthy and Easy Options on the Go: Food Trucks

Sometimes when it comes to eating healthy, one of the hardest parts can be sticking to your caloric goals when you’re on the go. If you were in a rush and weren’t able to have a sizeable breakfast or just find yourself starving after class, it’s easy to “give in” and eat whatever’s near or convenient — which can often lead to unhealthy choices.

One of the awesome parts about bustling Harvard Yard in the fall is its wide selection of food trucks. It’s easy to overlook them on the walks to Government or Psychology, but during the day the sides of the Science Center Plaza are packed with yummy food trucks — ranging from Whole Foods on the Go to Bon Me (vietnamese cuisine) to taco trucks to dessert trucks and more.

Until recently, I hadn’t taken advantage of these myriad food trucks that I pass literally every day… and didn’t really consider them a healthy snack option. But this week I decided on whim (and an empty stomach) to give the trucks a shot.

photo 1-21

Bon Me – One of the yummy food trucks in Harvard Yard!

I ordered a gluten free rice bowl/salad at Bon Me… and it was DELICIOUS! The coconut-braised chicken and Vietnamese flavoring to the vegetables added a nice touch. It was a low-cal, flavor rich snack — just what I was looking for. Some food trucks can be junky (as in unhealthy food), but others like Bon Me are filled with healthy options!

photo 2-16

I got a vietnamese gluten free salad!

I ate the salad so quickly that I didn’t get a chance to photograph it — but believe me, it was so good.

photo 3-11

Always love finding healthy/gluten free options on the go!

It definitely made my afternoon (hey, good food can definitely make a day a little bit better 🙂 ) to find such healthy options right near me. Especially with my dairy and gluten free dietary restrictions, it can become an arduous task to find healthy and varying options on a daily basis.

Even if your school/town doesn’t have food trucks, keep an eye out for them next time you visit a city or large town! They’re becoming very popular.

Want to find a food truck in your area?

You can download the Roaming Hunger app, a blog that circles cities to find the best local food trucks. Yum!


The Food Network also created an app called Eat St. that allows viewers to track down food trucks near them.


Food truck healthy options — deemed by some as “overlooked treasures” — can be a great post-workout snack. If you’re looking to treat yourself there are usually also dessert options or trucks nearby :).

Have you ever eaten at a food truck? Do they have them in your area?

Tri Hard,


Athlete Banquets: A Fun Way to Celebrate Sports

Last night, my fellow Harvard rowers and I attended the Friends of Harvard-Radcliffe Rowing Banquet at the Harvard Club. It was a beautiful event at a gorgeous venue – and a great way to celebrate last season and look forward to the upcoming fall races. It reminded me a bit of the Ironman dinners I’ve been to!

Banquets & dinners (complete with great company, great food, and fun slideshows) are a great way to celebrate sports and get motivated to continue competing.

What are your favorite sports dinners/banquets that you’ve attended?


The Harvard Club of Boston is gorgeous!

photo 1-10

At dinner with Ali (we’re normally next to each other in the boat!)

photo 2-7

Having a great time with teammates Rose and Sophia!

photo 3-6

Sophia and I after the banquet

Tri Hard,


Tri/Run/Walk for a Cause: Racing for a Reason {share your causes with us!}

Today, I did a Walk to End Alzheimer’s event with my roommate Justyna and some other girls from Harvard. It was a really nice event – and the walk was gorgeous! Right along the Boston Harbor.

Walks/Runs/Tris for causes are super fun and a great way to workout and do some good 🙂

What are your favorite events for a cause? Email and we could feature yours on the site!

My roommate Justyna and I at the Walk to End Alzheimer's!

My roommate Justyna and I at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s!

photo 1-8

Cambridgeside Galleria – site of the walk

photo 2-5

Boston Harbor! Such a beautiful walk

Have you done a race or event for a cause recently?

Tri Hard,


Short-ish. Sweet. Sweat. {quick triple-sport cardio workout.}

Try this workout next time you’re at the gym (or at home if you have an erg) for a superb AT/cardio workout. You can adjust for how much time you have to commit to working out to make it as short or as long as you’d like! (Details below)

Short (ish). Sweet. Sweat.

20 minutes warm up on bike (if you have time — if not do a quick 1-2 minute workout)

Bike portion

  • 7 x 1 minute full pressure, 1 minute moderate pressure
  • 1 minute slower to lower heart rate

total time = 15 minutes

Erg portion (see here if you don’t know how to erg)

  • 1 minute warm up
  • 5 minutes moderate pace at low stroke rate (18-22)
  • 4 x 1 minute fast pace followed by 1 minute moderate at higher stroke rate (24-max, in 30s)
  • 1 minute sprint at high stroke rate (in 30s)

total time without cooldown = 15 minutes

  • 1 minute cooldown

Run portion

  • 1 minute at conversational pace
  • 5 minutes moderate pace
  • 4 x 1 minute fast pace, 1 minute moderate
  • 1 minute sprint

total time without cooldown = 15 minutes

  • 1 minute cool down

—> If you have time afterwards, DO A LENGTHY COOLDOWN! Stretch, walk around, and so on and so forth.

{for a super short version, cut each portion down to 5 minutes. 1 minute warm up at start, and 1 minute on/off alternating at full pressure.}

Adjust the times in the three disciplines based on how much time you have for your workout! Notice that the erg & run workouts are analogous in time dedicated to varying levels of difficulty, so adjust accordingly. (For example, if you only have 20 or so minutes, do about 7 minutes in each). Or, if you’re really short on time, try one of the three workouts for a short burst of cardio! Enjoy!

One of my favorite places to do quick AT runs - around the area of the Harvard stadium!

One of my favorite places to do quick AT runs – around the area of the Harvard stadium!

What are your favorite short AT workouts?

Tri Hard,




Coming Soon: YoungTri Apparel for Sale Online! {Pre-Order Now!}

YoungTri gear will be available on the site VERY soon!

YoungTri at Harvard! On the left is Sophia, one of my best friends on the Harvard-Radcliffe Crew Team! She'll be reppin' YoungTri this year, haha.

YoungTri at Harvard! On the left is Sophia, one of my best friends on the Harvard-Radcliffe Crew Team! She’ll be reppin’ YoungTri this year, haha.

Shirts, sunglasses, stickers and more. Lots of neon!

To be placed on a pre-order list to be the first to receive it when it comes out {you’ll get a free surprise!} email You can also email us with any suggestions or comments!

What type of YoungTri apparel would you like to see? Answer the poll below. Feel free to put suggestions in the “other” category!


Tri Hard,


Transition Periods {Back to Cambridge!}

After getting back into the swing of things in New Jersey over the summer, I’m now transitioning back to life in Cambridge! I moved back in yesterday {I’m a sophomore at Harvard}, and things {surprisingly} already feel settled.

Transition periods can be a bit rough — the anticipation of a change, moving from one atmosphere to another, and so on and so forth; but they can also be fun. It’s been great to see everyone & be back in Massachusetts! I saw my crew teammates for the first time today, and I’m super excited for the fall racing seasons for both crew and triathlon.

Some tips for transition periods –

  • Stay organized. Last year when I moved in I brought WAY too much stuff & I wasn’t very organized. I’m making an effort to keep my room a lot more organized this year. Transitioning from one place to another {or from one point in your life to another} can be a lot less overwhelming if you’re organized.
  • Embrace the change. Worrying about the change in your life will only create more stress! Stay positive & excited for what’s to come.

See below for some pictures from my transition week 🙂


Last family day at the beach!

On the ferry home

On the ferry home from Martha’s Vineyard 😦


Leaving Martha’s Vineyard 😦


Good to see the boathouse again! Love rowing at Weld


Kaitlin (YoungTri Executive Board Member) and my families finally met this weekend in Boston!


Reunited in Cambridge!


First bike workout in the dorm!


Bike in the room! (connected to a Cycleops) – and almond milk in the background haha

The wall above my desk!

The wall above my desk! (with lots of tri stuff – my Ironman race bib, medal, & some YoungTri stuff) 🙂


Mom (&dad &TJ) helped me move in all day!


The room!


Roommate love! First weekend out!

Have you gone through a transition period recently? How have you been adjusting?

Tri Hard,