Tri Treats: Winter Edition

If you’re looking for some new post-training snacks over break, try some of the delicious winter “Tri Treats” that the YT team has compiled below. The recipes are easy, fun, and nutritious!

Enjoy 🙂

fg3pppPeppermint Patty Protein Bites

img_5557Apple, Pear, & Raisin Cake (Naturally gluten free, dairy free, & sugar free!)


Homemade Graham Crackers

Grapefruit with pistachios

Grapefruit with Pistachios


Dark Chocolate Double Dipped Blood Oranges

Have you tried any of these? What are your favorite winter tri treats? Let us know!

Tri Hard,


A New Kind of Ornament: Medals


The Medal Tree!

My dad came up with a cute, funny, and easy decorating idea — medals on the tree!

My family was a bit late on the Christmas tree decorating train this year, so when I got home I walked into the living room and saw the tree decorated with medals. 🙂 Most of them pictured are my dad’s Ironman medals, but there are some others in the mix also.

So funny! If you’re looking for a fun way to decorate, or just looking for a filler decoration before you get around to putting hundreds of ornaments on the tree, then try this! I’m sure you have tons of medals lying around 🙂

What other fun tri holday decorating ideas have you tried (besides the medal tree?)

Tri Hard,