Before the Sun Rises: Three Quick Tips for Early Workouts

My dad always says that he enjoys morning workouts most — even if it means committing to waking up at the crack of dawn. Although the same isn’t always true for me — (I do love my evening runs!) it can be tempting to cancel morning workouts when you’re tired from the weekend, have a lack of motivation, or are just not in the mood. Here are a few quick, simple tips for conquering workouts before the sun rises.

1. Make a Plan. Decide at what time your workout will take place before bed, and make sure any friends or family members who may be participating with you are aware. A loose plan like “I think I’ll run in the morning” is less likely to happen than a concrete plan like “I’m running such and such a route at 6:15 AM”.

2. Stick to it. When your alarm inevitably rings, don’t be tempted to hit snooze and forget about your planned workout. Even if it takes setting your alarm for a half hour earlier because you just know you’ll hit snooze, use your alarm as a tool — not as a means through which to delay or cancel planned, scheduled workouts.

3. Take it all in. And Enjoy. Swimming, biking or running at 5 AM before the sun rises is quite different than a workout at 3 PM. Things are more serene — the sun is yet to have risen, the temperature is cooler, not as many people are buzzing about — and definitely less hectic. Take a moment to enjoy the peacefulness that comes with a before-the-crack-of-dawn workout — whether that means appreciating crawling back to bed afterwards (if you’re lucky enough to do so) that much more or stopping to watch the sun rise before or after an intense run. Morning workouts also bring with them a sense of accomplishment — (you’re done for the day!) — so enjoy that as well.

Do you like working out early? How do you make sure you stick to a plan and don’t sleep through your alarm or postpone the workout?


Tri Hard,