Women’s Triathlon = Officially a NCAA Division 1 Emerging Sport!

As of today, women’s triathlon has been OFFICIALLY approved as a NCAA Division 1 Emerging Sport!!! Today, the vote received over 95% support from the NCAA Division 1 Legislative Council.


Thanks to all the YoungTri members who signed the petition to show their support!

From usatriathlon.org:

“Today is a watershed moment for the sport,” said Rob Urbach, USA Triathlon CEO. “After four years of hard work behind the scenes, this announcement represents a huge victory for current and future student-athletes, for the NCAA member institutions that will operate varsity triathlon programs, and for USA Triathlon’s future Olympic success.”

Read more from USAT here.

Can’t wait to follow NCAA triathlon as it grows over the years!

Are you excited about this new development?!

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Why Triathlon Should be an NCAA Sport: From a UVM Triathlete’s Perspective

The following is a post from YoungTri Ambassador and UVM Freshman Hannah Feinberg. Hannah is a member of the UVM Triathlon Team and also completed Ironman Lake Placid this past summer at age 18.

If the NCAA were to add women’s triathlon as a sport, it would give women a unique way to compete, be a part of a team, and most importantly give them a life long sport to live healthy and active lives. On a personal level, being 18 years young and training for the 2013 Lake Placid Ironman was extremely difficult. I thought I was the only one my age who found exercising for extended periods of time fun! There is something about the mental and physical challenge in training for and racing in a triathlon that is different from any other sport I’ve ever done.

The UVM Triathlon Team at  the Westchester Triathlon!

The UVM Triathlon Team at the Westchester Triathlon!

It wasn’t until I joined the Triathlon Club at the University of Vermont that I realized I wasn’t alone in this love for swim, bike, and run. Training, traveling, and competing with this team has been one my highlights from my first semester at UVM. I just wish in the school’s eyes that we were viewed as a more legitimate group of athletes and could get the same funding, coaching, and school support as other Varsity teams.

Biking with teammates Abby, Riley, and Caroline along Lake Champlain in Burlington!

Biking with teammates Abby, Riley, and Caroline along Lake Champlain in Burlington!


If women’s triathlon were to be added as an NCAA sport, it would increase the participation at the high school level — and increase the motivation of high school athletes to compete in triathlons. It would also give the high school triathletes a goal to work towards; just as other athletes are working hard at becoming Varsity hockey players, football players, skiers, and lacrosse players… just to name a few.

Please vote yes to support this younger generation of triathletes to help them pursue their dreams!


You can sign the petition today to help & show your support – http://chn.ge/1gQmoGv

SIGN THE PETITION: Women’s Triathlon as an NCAA Sport

The vote for triathlon to become an NCAA sport for women is on January 15th… and we need your help! Sign the petition at http://chn.ge/1gQmoGv to show your support.


YoungTri members at female collegiate triathletes from UConn, BC, Harvard, and UVM!

If you are on a collegiate triathlon team, YoungTri encourages you to reach out to your coaches, athletic directors, and team members to show their support also. Find out more about why your school should vote yes here.

YT cover photo!!!

Make this your cover photo to show your support!

If the initiative passes, the change could affect athletes as early as this fall. Sign (here). Share. Show your support for the sport we all love so much 🙂

Want more information? Check out the FAQs for the initiative here.

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Support Triathlon as the Next NCAA Sport for Women… Sign the Petition Today!

Triathlon is poised to become the next NCAA emerging sport for women… and we need your support! ***SIGN THE PETITION AT chn.ge/1gQmoGv TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!***



As a triathlete of 11 years and Co-Captain of Harvard’s team, this cause is very close to my heart (as I’m sure it is to many other YoungTri members’ also), and would be a big step for the sport of triathlon. The vote takes place in a few weeks, so sign the petition today!

If you’re a YT member and this cause is important to you, say so when you sign the petition — and email us at info@youngtri.com to tell us why triathlon becoming an NCAA sport would mean a lot to you! We’ll feature our favorite stories on the blog.

Sign chn.ge/1gQmoGv now to show your support!

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