TriNews: Tri SUV with Shower, 26 Year Old Does 30 Ironmans in 30 Days, Teen Takes “Tri-llama-thon”

Some of my favorite newsworthy tri items from this week!

Triathlete SUV with a Shower

My cousin Jane forwarded me a video featuring a special type of SUV made specifically for triathletes today. Still laughing. Can’t believer a car like this exists! Complete with a shower, specialized bike racks and more, it’s kind of awesome…


The triathlete SUV!

Check out the full video here.

26 Year Old Ultraman

Think one Ironman is tough? Then talk to Jaime Azuaje, age 26. On October 8th, 2013, he became the youngest participant in the world to complete an Ironman a day FOR 30 DAYS STRAIGHT. That’s right. 140.6 miles. For 30 days in a row… Crazy right?!


26 Year Old Ultraman Jaime

Check Out the Full Story Here

Teen is Only Participant in World’s Only

Max Bloom, a British 17 year old, may be starting a new wave in triathlon — the “tri-llama-thon”. This new type of tri involves swimming, biking, running, and — wait for it — walking a llama. Bloom says he hopes to make this an annual tradition.

A llama is pictured in a field, on Octob

Would you want to participate in a “tri-llama-thon”?

Check Out the Full Story Here.

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