A windy path.

{training roadblocks & getting back on the map}

This has been “one of those” weeks. Fatigue. Messed up training schedules. Stress. Crying. One of those weeks when some of the days have dragged by without complete flow or cohesiveness. Normally, I have a ton of energy. Up early, working out twice a day. Ab sets. Eating healthy. Hanging out with friends. Keeping up with family. But the past week or so — not so much. I’ve found myself unable to work out much at all. I’ve been snacking a bit more than usual. Been feeling constantly tired. The list goes on.

To make it simple, I’ve been feeling off.

These kind of weeks always get to me. Due to my Type-A personality, it gets to me when things go out of my control. I’ve been stressing about the future — everything from Ironman being 44 days away (eek!) to the next few years to beyond. I tend to do this often. To project. To wonder. To plan.

Since I’ve been sick all week and had to get bloodwork and such (and am on an antibiotic), I won’t be able to race in the sprint triathlon in which I was supposed to compete tomorrow. Which got me a bit down. Got me feeling a bit out of the loop; out of the swing of things. And one of my recent favorite songs — “Back on the Map” By Kasey Musgraves — emphasized just this — that what I’ve been feeling is a sense of being “off the map”. Not myself.

But the smooth, flowing country lyrics reminded me that it won’t take much to get me back on the map. I’m not too far off. It’s just been a rough week. That’s all.

And then I got to thinking. I usually get where I’m trying to go — but oftentimes, it just takes a windy path to get me there.

see the beauty in the windy paths of life -- and accept that things don't always go as planned.

see the beauty in the windy paths of life — and accept that things don’t always go as planned.

My to-do list will be completed. I will catch up on my work. My Ironman training will get back in swing. Things just didn’t go exactly as planned. And you know what? It’s okay. Sometimes, we need to allow ourselves time to get back on the map. To find our way back onto the straight path. To listen to our bodies — even if that means missing a day or week of training — or smaller race.

The same may be true for you. That the paths to get to where we’re supposed to be lead us through myriad roadblocks, surprises, and windy roads.

“Know that everything is in perfect order whether you understand it or not.”

My challenge for myself over the next few weeks is to accept these windy paths. Embrace them. That even though it’s not always the easiest — know that things will work out. To try live in the moment — even just for a bit — and to stop projecting. Stop planning. Stop worrying. That what will be will be — que sera, sera.

It’s important to accept the windy paths. And I’m learning that every day.

What about you? What roadblocks have you been dealing with lately? What steps can you take to accept the windy paths in your life?

Tri Hard,