5 Ways to Make Sure You Fit in Your Workout


Avoiding delaying your workout too much can help you feel more motivated!

We all have those days. Those days when you’d rather do ANYTHING than work out. Sleep. Go to the beach. Hide under the covers. And sometimes, it’s okay to let yourself to take a day off or to listen to your body and skip your workout.

However, to avoid this from becoming a pattern, here are five steps that we can take to make sure we fit in our workouts:

1. Switch it up. Bored of your usual routine? Find a way to mix it up. Instead of running on the treadmill in your basement or the same old route, find new trails near you or make your route up as you go. It’ll make things a little bit more interesting!

2. Make plans for later. If you have dinner plans with friends or have to be somewhere later in the morning or afternoon, it forces you to work around your schedule and fit in your workout. I find that sometimes I end up putting off my workouts the most when I have a free day versus a full one (like one day this week when I started biking at 9:30 PM. Whoops).

3. Allow yourself wiggle room. If your body is saying “no way” to a ten mile run or a century, break the workout into pieces. Tell yourself that you’re going our for a shorter ride or run (or swim), and cut it short if you’re still tired, and do the full workout if you’re feeling good once you’ve gotten started. This way, you are still able to squeeze in some type of workout.

4. Schedule the workout with a friend. You’re probably less likely to skip out on a workout if you’ve already planned to go with a family member or friend. If you know that you’ll have trouble getting out of your bed in the morning to work out, plan to exercise with someone else at a set time {so that you can set your alarm and get out of bed on time}!

5. Reward yourself. If you’re really feeling de-motivated and out of “training mode”, you can try bribing yourself to workout. Nothing crazy — but little things to look forward to afterwards like long naps, a few hours on the couch watching movies, a quick dinner out with friends, or otherwise can help you to get motivated to finish the workout that much more.

I almost always feel better after I squeeze in a workout versus skipping it. Even if it has to be a quick 30 minute bike instead of a complete, planned out workout, something is always better than nothing.

What do you do to make sure you fit in your workout?

Tri Hard,


Thought for the Day: What You Think is What You Are

tumblr_mowx46Gy2Q1qb13xjo1_400Lately, I’ve been trying to give myself more of a break with my thoughts. To not obsess as much over the past, what could’ve been. To focus on the present.

And you know what? It makes a world of a difference.

Happiness may be a sort of a choice — but it’s not an easy one. It takes time, and is a foundation that is built upon and developed each day.

Sometimes, we need to go through periods of sadness so that when we come out on the other side, happiness and consistent thoughts can be appreciated much more. Roadblocks color the edges of our lives at times; affecting the quality of life not only through the arduous task of overcoming these circumstances, but also through consistently keeping our thoughts positive. If you’re going through a rough patch, remind yourself that it’s okay to be sad for a short period of time. Mourn what’s lost. What could’ve been. Scream. Cry. Run out your feelings. Whatever it takes. But I think that the key to long-term happiness — to not letting short-term sadness become long term — is to monitor your own thoughts.

Forgive yourself. What’s done is done. You have tomorrow. You have today. You have the rest of your life. Whether you’ve seriously been slacking on training, had a horrible race — or are dealing with recent personal struggles (which can definitely affect training), forgiveness is key. Obsessing over situations and trying to fix what’s done isn’t always best. Move on. Live.

Obsessive and negative thoughts can negatively affect training quite seriously. Living by the sentiment that “the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts” is something for which we should all strive — because your thoughts run you. Remind yourself through your thoughts that you deserve happiness. Happiness brings with it a better life {and better training results}! Monitor your thoughts. For what you think is what you are.

How have you been trying to think positively lately? Has it been working?

Tri Hard,


A windy path.

{training roadblocks & getting back on the map}

This has been “one of those” weeks. Fatigue. Messed up training schedules. Stress. Crying. One of those weeks when some of the days have dragged by without complete flow or cohesiveness. Normally, I have a ton of energy. Up early, working out twice a day. Ab sets. Eating healthy. Hanging out with friends. Keeping up with family. But the past week or so — not so much. I’ve found myself unable to work out much at all. I’ve been snacking a bit more than usual. Been feeling constantly tired. The list goes on.

To make it simple, I’ve been feeling off.

These kind of weeks always get to me. Due to my Type-A personality, it gets to me when things go out of my control. I’ve been stressing about the future — everything from Ironman being 44 days away (eek!) to the next few years to beyond. I tend to do this often. To project. To wonder. To plan.

Since I’ve been sick all week and had to get bloodwork and such (and am on an antibiotic), I won’t be able to race in the sprint triathlon in which I was supposed to compete tomorrow. Which got me a bit down. Got me feeling a bit out of the loop; out of the swing of things. And one of my recent favorite songs — “Back on the Map” By Kasey Musgraves — emphasized just this — that what I’ve been feeling is a sense of being “off the map”. Not myself.

But the smooth, flowing country lyrics reminded me that it won’t take much to get me back on the map. I’m not too far off. It’s just been a rough week. That’s all.

And then I got to thinking. I usually get where I’m trying to go — but oftentimes, it just takes a windy path to get me there.

see the beauty in the windy paths of life -- and accept that things don't always go as planned.

see the beauty in the windy paths of life — and accept that things don’t always go as planned.

My to-do list will be completed. I will catch up on my work. My Ironman training will get back in swing. Things just didn’t go exactly as planned. And you know what? It’s okay. Sometimes, we need to allow ourselves time to get back on the map. To find our way back onto the straight path. To listen to our bodies — even if that means missing a day or week of training — or smaller race.

The same may be true for you. That the paths to get to where we’re supposed to be lead us through myriad roadblocks, surprises, and windy roads.

“Know that everything is in perfect order whether you understand it or not.”

My challenge for myself over the next few weeks is to accept these windy paths. Embrace them. That even though it’s not always the easiest — know that things will work out. To try live in the moment — even just for a bit — and to stop projecting. Stop planning. Stop worrying. That what will be will be — que sera, sera.

It’s important to accept the windy paths. And I’m learning that every day.

What about you? What roadblocks have you been dealing with lately? What steps can you take to accept the windy paths in your life?

Tri Hard,