“Just Tri!” – Awesome Children’s Book About Tris

Trying to find for a children’s book about triathlons? Then look no further!

My friend Roseann (who did Ironman Lake Placid with me this summer, as well as being a spin instructor) wrote it — complete with bright and richly colored illustrations. The book follows Louisa the lion’s adventure in completing her first triathlon.

photo 5-5Louisa the lion is coached by another lion named Coach Big Shot, overcomes obstacles like swimming around hippos, cycling around elephants, and running around a sleeping rhino. Louisa keeps telling herself that she can do it. Be sure to read the book to see what happens!



photo 4-8

The book is a great gift for any tri lover!

To order a copy of Just Tri! – email 1roe@optonline.net with the subject line “YoungTri – Just Tri Book”.

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The book includes lessons about hard work and dedication — and is a must-read for every triathlete (young and old)!

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Just Tri! 🙂

The book is SO cute and unique — I’ve never seen another children’s book like it!

Again, to order a copy of Just Tri! – email 1roe@optonline.net with the subject line “YoungTri – Just Tri Book”. It’s a must read for any tri lover!

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Best Triathlon Beach Reads. {Even if Your Summer is Already Over}

In the final few days of summer, I’ve been trying to pack in a lot of reading. I used to read for leisure all the time, but over the past year or so I’ve read on my own {read: not for school} a lot less.

My goal for the upcoming school year is to change this, and I’ve gotten a head start on this this week.

Two Books to Try this Month

A Life Without Limits – Chrissie Wellington


I started this book awhile ago but got a bit distracted {I tend to do this with books often – again – working on it!}, and now that I’m into it I’m hooked. Chrissie is a fantastic writer – besides being a four time national champion – and her book centers around her journey to success.

It is a peek below the surface of one of the most high-profile triathletes in the world – into her struggle with anorexia, training with a controversial coach, and more.

Her positive attitude radiates throughout the book – and makes the stories flow nicely.

Sport has such a unique ability to inspire and empower. If used correctly, it can be such a force for good.
-Chrissie Wellington, A Life Without Limits

Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment – Tal Ben-Shahar


I came across this book when I visited my AP Psychology teacher from senior year last week {he has an awesome collection of books} and he let me borrow it. Written by a Harvard professor, the book centers upon the “positive psychology” movement and outlines a set of principles that you can apply to your life to make yourself feel more happy and fulfilled. He explores why people can achieve great things and have an abundance of material wealth but still feel unhappy, as well as many other topics. I’m only a few chapters in and I’m hooked.

One of the quotes used early on in the book hit me –

the best moments usually occur when a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile.

Ben-Shahar goes on after this quote to say that a struggle free life is not the prescription for happiness. Although not technically a “triathlon” book, it’s definitely worth the read – the principles outlined in the book can have a huge positive impact on your daily life & attitude towards training.


Reading on the beach!

What are you reading right now and what were your favorite summer reads? What books have inspired you lately?

Tri Hard,