Sunny March Run: Finally!

Today was a gorgeous day for an outside run. 60 degrees in Cambridge — what more could I ask for?!

It was one of those runs where things just clicked – no stomach or nutrition issues, and I really was able to get into the zone. Running along the Charles River is super relaxing and scenic (see the pictures below), and kept me motivated along the way. USAT Collegiate Nationals (in Arizona!) is in less than a month — so I’m trying to get in as many quality runs as I can before the big day!

Fun 10k run, sunny day, and signs of spring everywhere (ahem, melting river) made for a great day. I was even able to do a second workout later in the day with Ambassador Brittany, who stopped by Harvard!

Here’s to spring coming sooner & more quality training days like these!

photo 3-32

Perfect day for a run in Boston!


photo 3-33

Trails along the river

photo 2-64

Melt river, melt!

Processed with VSCOcam

Boston skyline selfie… haha

photo 1-65

Sunny day run 🙂

photo 4-19

Ambassador Brittany stopped by for a PM workout!

How’s your training going? Is your big “beginning of the season” event coming up soon (like nationals, Boston Marathon, etc.)? 

Tri Hard,



Standing on the Side of the Treadmill: You Know You’ve Done it

Thud thud thud zzzzzzzzzz That all too familiar treadmill water break turned into a, well, longer break.

Standing on the sides of the treadmill is a pretty common thing, especially if you’re pushing yourself a little too hard. It’s not like stopping to walk outside or walking your bike outside because with those, you account for the break.

With that step back onto the moving ground, you’ve lied to yourself. Or at least I do. The treadmill might say I ran 6.2 miles in an hour but it really should say ran 6.07 and hung out for .13 miles.

This brings up a difficult dilemma: should I pause the treadmill during my breaks and have to wait for it to start up or should or watch the treadmill run underneath me and feel like I’m cheating myself? Both are far from ideal. Waiting for the treadmill to reach it’s full speed again, even though it may only take a few seconds, can seem like a lifetime when you have your music pumping and you are ready to go.

Personally, I’m a side-rider. When I need a break, I take it. My stats may be a little off, but hey, no one is perfect.


Are you a side stander or a pauser? …And don’t say neither. Even the best of triathletes tires out once in awhile.

Stay Classy YoungTri,


Running Together is Always Better: CKaitlin Venice Beach 8 Miler

One of the highlights of my trip with Kaitlin to California for the TBI Conference was definitely running 8 miles together along Venice Beach. It was the longest run I had done since Ironman in late July!!! (I had been injured most of the fall season with a foot injury).

The weather was perfect for a long run — no humidity & sunny with a slight breeze.

photo 2-48

Not a bad place to run 🙂

photo 1-52

We ran on a windy path along the sand!

We ran on a path next to the beach (Venice Beach), which made the run so much more enjoyable. We talked a bit, but had points where we both got into our zones and picked up the pace.

At one point, we put on our “power songs” and picked up the pace even more. I chose Timber by Kesha & Pitbull & Kaitln chose XO by Beyoncé. Later in the run, Yeah by Usher came on and I had so much energy that I started singing. During the run. That got some interesting looks from people at the beach (my signing is less than stellar)… haha 🙂

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Great 8 miler 🙂

photo 4-16

One of the cool houses we saw on the run!

We saw some pretty unique scenery while running — Venice Beach has some crazy architecture. Some, like the house above, were SO fascinating we had to stop and stare for a second! Other apartments were all black — some made of all glass. All rested only feet from the sand and sun of Venice Beach.

photo 5-8

Obligatory run selfie 🙂

photo 1-51

Loved. This. Weather.

After the run, we felt refreshed and ready to go for day 1 of the conference!

Do you like running with friends and exploring new locations?

Tri Hard,



The Top 3 (De)motivational Tactics: A Guide to the Little Things We Do to TRY to Get Ourselves to Work Out

(…That Don’t Always Work Out)

1. The “If I put on my workout clothes I’ll have to workout”

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. It’s as if the change of clothes will change your mind too. I guess it works out sometimes, but when it doesn’t, it can get weird. You can walk around your house in your sneakers and t-shirt (maybe your YoungTri shirt?) all you want, but you just aren’t feeling it. Then when you finally accept it, and change back out of the workout clothes, it’s a feeling of disappointment.

I’ve gone full days without running but in my running clothes. It’s almost like my workout becomes walking around my house or laying or my bed, or more than likely, getting a snack. It may not be a workout, but at least you tried!

2. The “In five minutes” routine

It’s 3:55. Why bother getting up until 4 o’clock? But then you’re sitting down for a little too long and 3:55 turns into 4:02. Now you might as well wait until 4:10. Oh, it’s 4:11? I guess 4:15 it is.

This is a pretty common motivation/procrastination tool. Before you know it, that 3:55 turns into a 4:41 and you don’t really have time for that bike ride anymore.


Hey, at least you tried.

3. The “I’m just waiting for my food to digest”

This one is somewhat reasonable. Who wants to run on a full stomach? Not me. It’s best to wait until that full stomach is more like a half stomach. Just don’t wait until you have an empty stomach.

See, the full and empty thing worked, but the half one seemed off. Weird, huh? Anyway, I usually end up not working out when this is my “motivational”.

Good luck getting off the couch,


Doing Workouts You Don’t Want to Do

As a triathlete, chances are there have been many workouts that you did not want to complete. You were tired, busy, or just not in the mood. You’d rather remain on the couch watching tv or go do something fun with your friends.


The view on my run- one of the perks of training in Florida.

In my case, I was scared. Last week I had to run nine miles as part of my marathon-training plan. Nine is nothing compared to many triathletes since most have completed half marathons and even marathons after swimming and biking. However, I usually stick to sprint distance triathlons, so I did not think I was ready to take on this kind of mileage. I procrastinated as long as I could, but eventually I hit the pavement. The run was hard, but I got it done. I had a pretty view of the beach (in South Florida), it was hot enough to wear shorts, and I even saw a nice sunset.


It was about 75 degrees with wind, my favorite kind of weather to train in.


The sunset that evening.

My biggest challenge was dealing with the mental component of the workout. I was very aware that I had never ran more than 7.5 miles before, and that this run was going to be difficult. I was terrified that I was going to have to call my dad to come pick me up. In my mind, not completing this run would mean I would not be strong enough to complete a marathon, therefore crushing my dream of the past five years.


After the first couple miles I zoned out and got into a nice rhythm. I played a game with myself, smiling at every person I ran by to see how many I could get to smile back at me. It was actually entertaining because many people were so surprised to see a stranger smile at them. I’d say about 40% of people smiled back, which is a little disheartening but expected in my town.

Anyways, I had fun on the run even though it was not an easy training session. I tried my best to stay in the moment and to not think about how many miles I had left. I definitely feel stronger now that I know I can push myself to do distances I have never done before.

This weekend I’ll be running 10 miles with a group; however, I am not scared, I am actually looking forward to it! 🙂

What are some obstacles you have had to overcome in training?


Run Twice As Fast

Running at sunset in Florida yesterday

Running at sunset in Florida yesterday

“It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that.”

I came across this quote from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass and agreed with the message on a number of levels. First off, as a business major I keep hearing this advice over and over again. If you want your company to be successful, it’s critical to innovate constantly. If the company doesn’t want to change, then they will be left in the past.

At YoungTri, Caity and I collaborate daily coming up with new ideas to make YoungTri bigger and better!

Furthermore, it’s imperative to “to run at least twice as fast” in triathlon. If you want to make progress; if you want to be better, you have to push yourself. Repeatedly doing the same routine workouts will not shape you into a better athlete if you’re not challenging yourself.

If you want to be the best, you need to put in even more effort than you did in your last workout. Improve everyday.

Today YoungTri challenges you to challenge yourself. Set a high goal for your workout and go achieve it (however, don’t surpass your limit and hurt yourself)!

Have a great training day and a Merry Christmas Eve if you celebrate it! 🙂


Triathlon Business International Conference: I Will Be Speaking!

photo-210I was chosen to speak at the Triathlon Business International Conference in Marina del Rey, California on January 27th! Kaitlin and I will join triathlon industry leaders (Including Mike Reilly “Voice of Ironman” pictured) from all over the world at the annual conference. I will be speaking about YoungTri, the role of young athletes in the sport, my experience in triathlon, social media’s role in the sport, and more!

Kaitlin and I will be out there for a few days, and we hope to see some members from SoCal while out there! We’re both really excited about attending the conference.

You can find out more about TBI and the conference here.

One of the ***3*** exciting announcements for YoungTri over the next few weeks in preparation for our 3rd birthday! 

Tri Hard,


Throwback… YT on MTV! {Made: Triathlete}


Being filmed for MTV!

Throwback to Summer 2011. Besides the best part meeting my now best friend Kaitlin (and YT VP 🙂 ) one day earlier, Lake Placid 2011 was extra fun because I had the opportunity to be filmed for MTV’s “Made”! Branden was being “Made” into a triathlete and I was filmed to give him advice. The show put an interesting spin on things, but it was a lot of fun to film!


Dad snuck these pics during filming!

photo 3-12

If you’re bored and looking for something to watch, check out the episode! I come in at 24:20 with my YT shirt 🙂

Click here to watch the episode.

Beautiful Lake Placid!

Beautiful Lake Placid!

What are your favorite shows that have featured triathlon-related episodes?

Tri Hard,


How to “Run Like a Girl”

If you asked me to describe what my workout drawer looked like in one word, it ‘d be “girly.” Pink on pink on pink. Whenever I buy new tri gear or running shoes, I always look to get the “girliest” colors possible. My Garmin is pink, my bike speedometer is pink, my headphones are purple, my shoes are neon blue/green with pink laces — you get the picture.

I love my colorful Newtons

I love my colorful Newtons


Headbands during workouts are a must!

Female triathletes are definitely outnumbered by their male counterparts and this is reflected in the clothing/gear selections. It’s always hard for me to find apparel that’s not black and to find tops that are somewhat stylish. So every time I come across gear that’s pink and girly, I snatch it because I know I may never see it again.


I never run without my Garmin. It’s great for tracking time, distance, and speed

So… how are we girls supposed to deal with the lack of female-friendly triathlon commodities? Don’t worry, I have a few suggestions 🙂

First off, if you’re a member of YoungTri, you have access to a huge number of female triathletes! Reach out to members through the Facebook group. You can make new friends, get tips on triathlon in general, and realize that you’re not alone as a girl in the tri world. When I first started racing, the only triathletes I knew were guys… but then I met President Caity (lol) 2 ½ years ago. I finally had a girl triathlete to talk to, which was very exciting!

Racing with Caity for the first time this fall :)

Racing with Caity for the first time this fall 🙂

In addition to talking to YoungTri members, check out Betty sells cute two-piece racing bathing suits, stylish race kits, and other awesome cycling clothing! You can even order custom race gear for yourself or your team. Another great website is They have a great selection of colorful swim caps, bike shorts, and all the accessories in between.

Betty Designs founder, Kristin Mayer, is a triathlete herself!

Betty Designs founder, Kristin Mayer, is a triathlete herself!
(Photo taken from

For well thought-out and extra chic running clothes, make your way to Lululemon Athletica. Although pricey, Lulu offers great breathable, smell-absorbing running shirts that make you want to go workout just so that you can wear them. They have great shorts and running tights as well: I’ve noticed that the tights are especially popular at my school. Occasionally they have cycling jerseys and shorts too. I’m a huge Lululemon fan and it’s quite evident on my Christmas list each year. Their clothes ensure that I will never be mistaken for a guy while I’m working out!

Me after my run! Shirt and cropped leggings from Lululemon Athletica.

Me after my run! Shirt and cropped leggings from Lululemon Athletica.

So now that you’ve discovered a few ways to “run like a girl,” what’s next for female triathletes? Well, according to USAT, the percentage of female triathletes has increased from 27% to 37% in the past 12 years. The sport of triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and it’s bringing tons of females along with it! I definitely don’t mind competing in a male-dominated sport, but it’s certainly exciting to see the growth of female athletes. 🙂

Now go run like a girl!


TriNews: Tri SUV with Shower, 26 Year Old Does 30 Ironmans in 30 Days, Teen Takes “Tri-llama-thon”

Some of my favorite newsworthy tri items from this week!

Triathlete SUV with a Shower

My cousin Jane forwarded me a video featuring a special type of SUV made specifically for triathletes today. Still laughing. Can’t believer a car like this exists! Complete with a shower, specialized bike racks and more, it’s kind of awesome…


The triathlete SUV!

Check out the full video here.

26 Year Old Ultraman

Think one Ironman is tough? Then talk to Jaime Azuaje, age 26. On October 8th, 2013, he became the youngest participant in the world to complete an Ironman a day FOR 30 DAYS STRAIGHT. That’s right. 140.6 miles. For 30 days in a row… Crazy right?!


26 Year Old Ultraman Jaime

Check Out the Full Story Here

Teen is Only Participant in World’s Only

Max Bloom, a British 17 year old, may be starting a new wave in triathlon — the “tri-llama-thon”. This new type of tri involves swimming, biking, running, and — wait for it — walking a llama. Bloom says he hopes to make this an annual tradition.

A llama is pictured in a field, on Octob

Would you want to participate in a “tri-llama-thon”?

Check Out the Full Story Here.

Tri Hard,


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