How to Conquer Workouts in the Heat

You CAN conquer the heat.

As much fun as June, July, and August can be — filled with sun, sand, and relaxation — it can also making working out outside a tad more difficult. Depending on where you live, the humidity and/or outside temperature can be unbearable and at times unsafe — making it difficult to plan workouts.

Even though I don’t live in Arizona or Florida — where temperatures can be a lot hotter, the New Jersey heat in the summertime can still be pretty brutal. I’ve never done very well in the heat (I passed out on my Kindgergarten trip to the farm when it was 100 degrees, haha and have also had bad experiences in races with heat. I’m sure many of you can relate).

However, you don’t have to completely forgo outside workouts when the temperatures outside are intense. Try to follow some of these steps:


You don’t have to avoid sunny workouts completely! Have a nutrition plan and stick to it, and all should go according to plan.

1. Dress for the weather. Obviously, you wouldn’t go running in a jacket and leggings in the heat, but it is still important to pay attention to what you are wearing (for guys and girls!) so that it doesn’t get in the way of your workout. Go for lighter colors and looser fabrics — and shorts that wont ride up or bother you at ALL (since you will probably be sweating more!) I like to wear spandex bottoms (sometimes my JL racing bottoms) and loose, cut t-shirts or moisture-wicking tanks.

2. Hydrate before, during, and after. Be sure that you’re sipping cold water (or an electrolyte-enhanced beverage) before and after your workout. Try freezing a GU gel and having it a few minutes before you start. It tastes so sweet and is very cooling and refreshing! If possible, a fuel belt or water stop on a long workout in the heat is beneficial (albeit not always realistic).


Freeze a gu and have one before you workout! It tastes sooooo yummy and is a great way to energize

3. Have a post-workout snack ready. Be sure to re-fuel after your workout! The heat puts added strain on the body, so have some items ready in the fridge before your workout. My favorite post-workout snack is cold fruit or a banana almond milk smoothie (there will be a post later this week on this!).

4. Schedule your workout when the day isn’t at its peak temperature. Kind of a given, but running at noon or 1 PM on a 100 degree day with intense humidity is not the smartest idea — especially if your body doesn’t usually respond well to heat. Try for the morning or evening, when the temperature may not be as intense.


Working out at night (out of the prime sunlight hours) can help prevent fatigue and exhaustion from the heat & humidity.

5. Listen to your body. Even if you’ve followed all necessary steps to have a successful workout in the heat, there may be times where your body won’t listen. It’s okay to push yourself, but listen to your body (especially in the heat)! There’s no shame in stopping or cutting a workout short if you’re really feeling dizzy or out of it.

What do you do to try to make sure your body cooperates during a workout in the heat? 

Tri Hard,


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A preview of the new weekly newsletter!

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There’s Nothing Like a Weekend Bike Ride. {Sunny Sunday}

Weekend rides are wonderful.

Well, besides the moment when the alarm rings. And you know that what lies before you is crawling out of bed and facing a long, arduous cycling workout. But once you’re out the door — shoes clipped, helmet on, nutrition ready — it’s like a whole different world.

Varying scenes, landscapes, animals {from alpacas to deer to turtles!}, noisy cars, bustling roads, and winding trails passing by as each minute elapses are what makes biking so enjoyable. Miles that pile onto each other and at times turn into firsts {first 30 mile ride, 50 mile ride, century, etc.}. There’s something about biking that shows the world in a whole different way. In a way that can’t be viewed from the vantage point of a walker or someone in a car. When you’re on a bike, you feel the route passing by you… since you’re powering your own vehicle.

Between windy hills, salt tablets, GUs, {lots of} water, lush green landscapes, crowded streets, aching legs, and biker’s tans {rough, haha} there’s nothing like a weekend bike ride. When you can go back home after riding and relax on the couch. Or the beach. Or with family. Or go on a run…? Haha.

Biking on the weekend is quite enjoyable. Especially on a sunny Sunday like today.


Riding at Harriman State Park in NY!


So beautiful… and so hot! About 90 degrees and a lot of humidity.


3 weeks until IMLP!


The aftermath… such a bad biker’s tan!

What do you like best about weekend rides?

Tri Hard,


Unplanned Runs.

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than just running. Than taking random turns — running down unexpected paths, and discovering new parts about the patches of Earth around you.

This weekend I did just that.

After sleeping through the 4th of July race in CT (whoops), I decided to go for a long-ish run after I woke up. It was around 6-7 miles (actually ran without a Garmin! haha). Instead of going into the run with a perfectly calculated route and such, I decided to just run through the windy, hilly roads of Newtown. To see where the road took me.

Image 1

Holcombe Hill in Newtown, CT


So beautiful!

Image 1

Path up the hill

With the sun beating down, my legs pounding the pavement, and sweat dripping down my face, I had no plan. No set distance to run. No specific route. And it was fun. Refreshing. Felt more like exploring than a regular run workout (except for some of those hills! Connecticut is hilly).

Where have your unplanned workouts taken you recently? Let us know.

Tri Hard,


Swim Across America Pool Swim: Tomorrow!

In the North Jersey area this weekend? Stop by the Glen Rock Pool in Glen Rock, NJ anytime tomorrow morning from 6-8 AM and swim laps in a beautiful olympic-sized outdoor lap pool to raise money for cancer.

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

6-8 AM 

Glen Rock Pool – Glen Rock, NJ

Swim 1 mile, 1/2 mile, or laps of your choice!

310575_2345658167309_568254_n 37703_1537532484672_3356730_n 38374_1537529044586_6150070_n 317722_2345647887052_1169815_n 311146_2345670207610_4598919_n 315947_2345660767374_2299824_n

Tri Hard,


NYC Adventures: Squeeze in a Quick Workout and Take a Day Trip!

New York City.

It’s only about a half hour from my house, and I definitely should go in more — I don’t make the trip as often as I should.

However, this weekend I spent the day in the city with three friends (two of which I technically met through YoungTri). Kaitlin was visiting from Florida and loves the city — and my friend Connor is a part of Enstitue and lives in NYC — check it out here.

We walked through Riverside Park, Central Park, got brunch at Sarabeth’swent to the Guggenheim museum (which was awesome — the brushwork in Van Gogh’s “Montagnes à Saint-Rémy” was stunning), ate Tapas for dinner, and headed home later that evening.

More than anything, it was quite fun to spend the day with three friends and explore the city. I woke up early that morning, squeezed in a quick run, and had an enjoyable rest of the day off from training.

Looking for something fun to do this upcoming weekend? Schedule it around training! If you live in a suburb of a major city, try a bike or run in the city rather than in your hometown! (Maybe even go as far as to plan a training weekend with friends or family in a nearby destination!) If you’re looking for something a little bit more low-key but don’t want to sacrifice an entire training day or weekend, plan out your short trips in advance. What time will you have to get up to squeeze in a bike? A run? An open water swim? You get the idea.

Plan it, make it happen, and have fun.

There’s a whole world out there to explore!

photo 1

heading into NYC!

photo 1-2

beautiful flowers!

photo 3

Sarabeth’s for brunch!

photo 3-1

Riverside park

photo 2

Riverside park


Guggenheim museum

photo 4

Brooklyn bridge


YoungTri friends! Haha

Thanks to Kaitlin for a lot of the pics 🙂

Tri Hard,


Before the Sun Rises: Three Quick Tips for Early Workouts

My dad always says that he enjoys morning workouts most — even if it means committing to waking up at the crack of dawn. Although the same isn’t always true for me — (I do love my evening runs!) it can be tempting to cancel morning workouts when you’re tired from the weekend, have a lack of motivation, or are just not in the mood. Here are a few quick, simple tips for conquering workouts before the sun rises.

1. Make a Plan. Decide at what time your workout will take place before bed, and make sure any friends or family members who may be participating with you are aware. A loose plan like “I think I’ll run in the morning” is less likely to happen than a concrete plan like “I’m running such and such a route at 6:15 AM”.

2. Stick to it. When your alarm inevitably rings, don’t be tempted to hit snooze and forget about your planned workout. Even if it takes setting your alarm for a half hour earlier because you just know you’ll hit snooze, use your alarm as a tool — not as a means through which to delay or cancel planned, scheduled workouts.

3. Take it all in. And Enjoy. Swimming, biking or running at 5 AM before the sun rises is quite different than a workout at 3 PM. Things are more serene — the sun is yet to have risen, the temperature is cooler, not as many people are buzzing about — and definitely less hectic. Take a moment to enjoy the peacefulness that comes with a before-the-crack-of-dawn workout — whether that means appreciating crawling back to bed afterwards (if you’re lucky enough to do so) that much more or stopping to watch the sun rise before or after an intense run. Morning workouts also bring with them a sense of accomplishment — (you’re done for the day!) — so enjoy that as well.

Do you like working out early? How do you make sure you stick to a plan and don’t sleep through your alarm or postpone the workout?


Tri Hard,