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5 Ways to Make Sure You Fit in Your Workout


Avoiding delaying your workout too much can help you feel more motivated!

We all have those days. Those days when you’d rather do ANYTHING than work out. Sleep. Go to the beach. Hide under the covers. And sometimes, it’s okay to let yourself to take a day off or to listen to your body and skip your workout.

However, to avoid this from becoming a pattern, here are five steps that we can take to make sure we fit in our workouts:

1. Switch it up. Bored of your usual routine? Find a way to mix it up. Instead of running on the treadmill in your basement or the same old route, find new trails near you or make your route up as you go. It’ll make things a little bit more interesting!

2. Make plans for later. If you have dinner plans with friends or have to be somewhere later in the morning or afternoon, it forces you to work around your schedule and fit in your workout. I find that sometimes I end up putting off my workouts the most when I have a free day versus a full one (like one day this week when I started biking at 9:30 PM. Whoops).

3. Allow yourself wiggle room. If your body is saying “no way” to a ten mile run or a century, break the workout into pieces. Tell yourself that you’re going our for a shorter ride or run (or swim), and cut it short if you’re still tired, and do the full workout if you’re feeling good once you’ve gotten started. This way, you are still able to squeeze in some type of workout.

4. Schedule the workout with a friend. You’re probably less likely to skip out on a workout if you’ve already planned to go with a family member or friend. If you know that you’ll have trouble getting out of your bed in the morning to work out, plan to exercise with someone else at a set time {so that you can set your alarm and get out of bed on time}!

5. Reward yourself. If you’re really feeling de-motivated and out of “training mode”, you can try bribing yourself to workout. Nothing crazy — but little things to look forward to afterwards like long naps, a few hours on the couch watching movies, a quick dinner out with friends, or otherwise can help you to get motivated to finish the workout that much more.

I almost always feel better after I squeeze in a workout versus skipping it. Even if it has to be a quick 30 minute bike instead of a complete, planned out workout, something is always better than nothing.

What do you do to make sure you fit in your workout?

Tri Hard,


The Final Countdown.

26 days until Ironman Lake Placid.

I’ve been counting down the days, and putting in the proper training — but it’s still nerve wracking. Do you have any big races coming up? How are you dealing with the nerves? Let us know.

{Check out the video below for more on IMLP. My cousin Erin is featured in the video!}

Tri Hard,


Sunny Runs & Sunset Swims

Today was a perfect training day (and also perfect for getting back into things after a week of being sick)! It was suuuuuper sunny and hot this morning, and extremely humid — I was dying a bit during my run! Luckily my iPod shuffle (and my new favorite songs like “The Way it Used to Be” by Mike Posner, “Money and the Power” by Kid Ink, and “Best I Ever Had” by Gavin DeGraw) saved me!


sunny, humid day in New Jersey!


neon & my iPod shuffle: my must-haves for running.

A couple hours after my run, my dad and I drove up to my grandma’s lake nearby (Pines Lake) and did a 2.2 mile open water swim. The water was beautiful and placid, and the humidity had died down — so the evening was a perfect temperature!


bridge over to pines lake


the lake


post-swim… in my monogrammed bathing suit and wetsuit. lol


post-swim selfie…hahah


so gorgeous!

Overall, a successful Ironman training day! Only 38 days left!

For what races are you training? What workouts did you do today?

Tri Hard,


“Take itty-bitty bites” to get yourself motivated

blogpicI found the above quote in Triathlete magazine a year or so ago. I still look back at it once in awhile when I’m looking for a little bit of inspiration. Struggling to get yourself to workout? Take small steps like Macca does.

I try to do this by dividing long workouts into segments — like for long bike rides focusing on the next ten miles instead of the entire ride — in order to conquer the mental “wall” that can arise before and during training.

Take it step by step.


Focus on the next lap, the next mile, or the next hill — not that you have hours to go or are behind on your pace. Once you let go of any mental barriers or stressers keeping you from performing at your best, it will allow you to take your training to the next level.

It’s okay to not get excited about working out or parts of a workout sometimes — but don’t let these thoughts turn into a behavioral pattern that affects your training.

Take itty bitty bites. That’s the key.

Tri Hard,