The motto of one of my favorite healthy snacks — TrueBar — is applicable to so much more than just the ingredients in their product. Nothing to hide.

The motto inspired me to think about the ways in which I have “nothing to hide” in my life.


My favorite flavor – coconut cashew. Loooove that it’s dairy and gluten free 🙂

We can all have nothing to hide in countless ways…

Nothing to hide when it comes to training.

Nothing to hide when it comes to commitment.

Nothing to hide when it comes to being who you are.


Rockin’ the neon tank at the gym/trying (read: failing) to take a selfie while on the bike without anyone noticing… haha

Being an open, happy, an honest person, and hiding nothing about your true self is of paramount importance — especially when it comes to training. Don’t hide your strengths or your struggles — be honest with yourself about what needs to happen going forward, and how you can learn from the past. It’ll make a huge difference with goals going forward.


All the colorful truebars 🙂

I think that it’s important once in awhile to take a moment, reflect, and make sure that we really have nothing to hide in our own lives. That we’re being who we want to be. No excuses. 🙂

Try the yummy, nothing-to-hide TrueBars above here.

How do you have #NothingToHide in your life?

Tri Hard,