Running Together is Always Better: CKaitlin Venice Beach 8 Miler

One of the highlights of my trip with Kaitlin to California for the TBI Conference was definitely running 8 miles together along Venice Beach. It was the longest run I had done since Ironman in late July!!! (I had been injured most of the fall season with a foot injury).

The weather was perfect for a long run — no humidity & sunny with a slight breeze.

photo 2-48

Not a bad place to run 🙂

photo 1-52

We ran on a windy path along the sand!

We ran on a path next to the beach (Venice Beach), which made the run so much more enjoyable. We talked a bit, but had points where we both got into our zones and picked up the pace.

At one point, we put on our “power songs” and picked up the pace even more. I chose Timber by Kesha & Pitbull & Kaitln chose XO by Beyoncé. Later in the run, Yeah by Usher came on and I had so much energy that I started singing. During the run. That got some interesting looks from people at the beach (my signing is less than stellar)… haha 🙂

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Great 8 miler 🙂

photo 4-16

One of the cool houses we saw on the run!

We saw some pretty unique scenery while running — Venice Beach has some crazy architecture. Some, like the house above, were SO fascinating we had to stop and stare for a second! Other apartments were all black — some made of all glass. All rested only feet from the sand and sun of Venice Beach.

photo 5-8

Obligatory run selfie 🙂

photo 1-51

Loved. This. Weather.

After the run, we felt refreshed and ready to go for day 1 of the conference!

Do you like running with friends and exploring new locations?

Tri Hard,