YoungTri CKaitlins Take Yoga

Today, Kaitlin and I decided to take a “Yoga for Athletes” class in Coolidge Corner (by Boston College)! One of the members of the Harvard Triathlon Team also attended the class.


It was a two hour class, and it was quite challenging — since I’m not the most flexible/balanced person I had a bit of trouble with it at first! However, I really felt relaxed and refreshed after the class.


Coolidge Corner Yoga

We worked a lot on flexibility today — and everything from the traditional downward dog to some more challenging exercises later on! Although it was a bit out of my comfort zone, I would definitely try it again.

photo 3 (1)

After yoga!

photo 2 (1)

Outside the studio!

Check out these resources for triathletes thinking about doing yoga:

If you’re looking to find a yoga studio in your area, try!

Have you tried yoga as a part of your regular training plan?

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