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Have a question about triathlons? Want to learn more about the sport? Look no further!

Race Prep Tips | Swim Tips | Bike Tips

Run Tips |Transition Tips | Nutrition Tips

This page is designed for you. Below, you can fill out a form asking whatever questions you’d like – and a member of the YoungTri team will post a detailed answer shortly {and notify you when your answer is up on the site!}

Roll over the “YoungTri Tips” tab of the site, and specific pages for Swim, Bike, Run, Prep, and Transition tips are available!

YoungTri has members of all ages and experience levels — and members are always there for each other to give tips & advice about anything triathlon related! Our members-only Facebook group is filled with advice-giving, story-sharing, and more!

Our weekly newsletter, The YoungTri Times {which you receive each Tuesday night if you’re a member of YoungTri} features a new tip each week, and many of our blog posts feature tips on how to get started (& improve!) in the triathlon world.

Tri Hard,

The YoungTri Team


Submit your tri question below!

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