Bike Tips

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  • Fitting your bike
  • Buying a bike as a beginner

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Should I buy a bike as a beginner?


Thinking about buying a bike? Make sure you try the sport before spending!

For beginners, a roadblock to diving into the triathlon world headfirst is often that they do not own a road bike! After arriving at college this week, I have been trying to convince some of my roommates and friends to race soon. Even though they are excited, one of their main concerns was not owning a proper bike. Here’s how to approach this:

ASK! Friends and family are usually willing to lend you a road bike if they own one.

Rent. Local bike shops often rent bikes for a fee — which could be useful if you’re not ready to purchase one just yet.

Research. Once you’ve tried the sport (don’t buy a bike until you know that you’ll like triathlons… even though you will love the sport, haha), make sure you put a good deal of time and effort into finding the perfect bike for you — because it’s different for everyone! (More on how to choose the best bike soon).

Good luck!

Remember to Get Your Bike Fitted!


An important part of any race/ride is having a comfortable bike that fits you. From beginners to experienced pros, all triathletes can agree that a bad bike fit can really negatively affect a race. I just got mine re-fitted for my big race this weekend, and it’s made a world of a difference! Head to your local bike shop or check out the service TT Bike Fit – where you can upload a video and get feedback on your position – to make sure your bike fits right!

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