Race Prep Tips

Topics covered:

  • Pre-Race Jitters
  • Pre-Race Plans
  • Racing with a friend

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Race with a Friend!


Worried about taking on your first tri, a bigger distance, or need some friendly competition? Then race with a friend! Whether they’re a seasoned triathlete or new to the sport (either can be fun), it’s always fun to go to a race with a friend. It may give you that extra motivation to push in the final mile of the course 🙂

Do you race with friends? Have you made any friends through triathlon?

Pre-Race Jitters


Although strategies for dealing with jitters before an important race can differ from person to person, it is important to find one that works for you to avoid nerves or negative thoughts from affecting you during the race.

From listening to a specific playlist to meditating pre-race to talking to others or trying to keep your mind “blank”, there are many different ways to approach dealing with pre-race jitters.

Remember to keep your mind strong. Your body will follow. “Psyching yourself out” and thinking of what could go wrong will do you no good – and will only set you up for a more difficult race. Once you’ve gotten past the starting gun, break the race into small pieces – like the next two minutes of the swim, 5 or 10 miles of the bike, or mile of the run, to distract your mind from interfering with your body’s power.

What do you do to calm your pre-race nerves?

Have a plan!

Nervous for your first (or next) race? Don’t be! Following a detailed plan can help to alleviate nerves and jitters come race-day.

Make sure that you have all necessary gear – including goggles, a towel for the transition area, a USAT card, a helmet, any nutrition, sneakers, socks, extra water, sunglasses, etc. – so that you’re not lost come race day.

Arrive early on race-day so that you can set up your bike and other gear with your number, check out the transition area, and set things up. Relax, and enjoy the race!

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